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Fox Gap Chickens strive to produce top quality Ameraucana.  The majority of our breeding stock is hatched and raised here on our farm.  Occasionally  we add to our breeding program by acquiring additional top-of-the line bloodlines from quality breeders across the nation. 


 Ameraucana  (The Blue Egg Layer)

The Ameraucana Chicken is a pure breed and it is recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA).  The Ameraucana lays a blue or bluish green egg.  It has a beard, muffs and tail.  They come in eight recognized colors;  blue, black, white, buff, wheaten, blue wheaten, silver and brown-red.  The Ameraucana has slate (blue/grey) or black legs (on blacks and blues only) with white skin on the bottoms of the feet.  They have pea combs, red ear lobes and little to no wattle.  The eye color is bay, which is a reddish brown.  Their beaks should be black or horn (natural) color, not yellow.  

To breed true Ameraucanas you must pay attention to detail and have enough space to house each color variety separately so as not to mix the colors (except the black /blue varieties which can be bred together and the wheaten/blue wheaten varieties which can also be bred together).   Fox Gap Chickens specialize in the Wheaten and Blue Wheaten varieties.

**We ship chicks and eggs when availability permits**

Certified Pullorum-typhoid and AI Free  NPIP #51-516 

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