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The Mille Fleur Cochin is a "project", meaning that it is still in the "draft" stages.  The American Poultry Association (APA) does not recognize the Mille Fleur color in the Cochin bread yet.  Numerous breeders across the country are breeding and perfecting not only the color but the type too.  We are hopeful that in time the Mille Fleur will  be inducted to the APA, but first the standard must be developed. Fox Gap Chickens continues to strive towards an excellent Cochin by producing top quality birds of both color and type. 

Our stock is hatched here on the farm or acquired from quality breeders across the nation. Our goal is to raise an outstanding flock of Mille Fleur Cochin. 

Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin

We also raise  the Black Mottled and and Blue Mottled varieties.

**We ship chicks and eggs when availability permits**

Certified Pullorum-typhoid and AI Free  NPIP #51-516 

Contact us at:  foxgapchickens@yahoo.com